Toad The Wet Sprocket – Torn tab

by Toad the Wet Sprocket

contributed by Ryan Houlette 
Revisions by: Scott Josselyn  and Walter Tien 

To do the cool shimmering guitar at the beginning, turn your volume
knob down low and strum the chord, using your pinky finger to turn
up the volume knob.  If you do it right, you'll get virtually no
attack on your strum.

[the riff]
The riff doesn't sound good unless it's backed by a bass.
If you're just playing this acoustically, play the chords.

Bm D/F# G-------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|------2-2------2-2------2-2--2-0-----------------|-------------------------------------------------|--0h2--------------------------------------------|-----------0h2------2h3--------------------------|
D/F#= 200232 Cadd9=x32033 G5=3x0003 [intro] Bm D/F# G (2x) [verse1] Bm D/F# G I fear nothing Bm D/F# G Besides my - self Bm D/F# G Please don't touch me Bm D/F# G Love like an infant trying to stand up [chorus] Cadd9 G Am I two souls, one hard, one cold? Cadd9 G Am I real? I don't want to feel anything D C Anymore [verse2] Bm D/F# G I feel nothing Bm D/F# G Beside this pain Bm D/F# G Please don't watch me Bm D/F# G Love like an infant scared and crawling [repeat chorus] [solo]
NOTE: I originally played this song as a Bm D G Bm A G progression, and, acoustically at least, it sounds fine that way. It can be easier than barring the Gbm.
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