Toad The Wet Sprocket - Come Down tab

"Come Down" off the album Coil
Transcription by: Walter Tien (
                  Scott Josselyn (
                  Mike Mazur (mmazur@WPI.EDU)
                  Steve Cunningham (

Capo 1st Fret (tab relative to capo)

Song opens with feedback on an open A chord then:


Guitar 1|--3--12-10---5---|--------||--3--12-10---5---|--3--5--||--0----------0--*|--3--5--||--0----------0--*|--3--5--||--2----------4---|--1--3--||--3----------5---|--------|
Guitar 2|--3----------5---|--6--8--||--3----------5---|--6--8--||--0----------0--*|--0--0--||--0----------0--*|--0--0--||--2----------4---|--5--7--||--3----------5---|--6--8--|
open up and let me in i was lucky to live, dont need to win forgave myself and if that's a sin it's not enough you'd even know it you did right to call my bluff 'cause i won't say when i've had enough and i worked so hard to need this stuff and you tried so long to just ignore it Chorus:
won't you come down where i am word are hidden, understand
Verse: i wont repeat myself again i will not repeat myself again it's another promise d.o.a. and despite my every hope there is no truth behind my best intentioned oath Chorus: won't you come down where i am words are hidden, understand won't you come down been away too long i know i have Solo:
won't you come down, help me stand there is healing in your hands won't you come down where i am words all leave me been away to long i know i've been away to long i know i have
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