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Toby Keith – Whiskey Girl chords

Whiskey Girl
By Toby Keith
Capo 4

Intro: Bm  G (x4)  F

C GDon't my baby look good in them blue jeans
Am FTight on the top with a belly button ring
C G FA little tattoo somewhere in between she only shows to me
C GYeah we're goin' out dancin' she's ready tonight
Am FSo damn good lookin' boys it ain't even right
C GAnd when the bartender says for the lady
Asus AWhat's it gonna be... I tell him man..
D AShe ain't in to wine and roses
Bm GBeer just makes her turn up her nose and
D A Em G AShe can't stand the thought of sipping champagne
D ANo Cuervo, gold margaritas
Bm GJust ain't enough good burn in tequila
D AShe needs somethin' with a little more edge
EmAnd a little more pain
Bm G Bm GShe's my little whiskey girl, she's my little whiskey girl
Em G (D in 2nd chorus)->Bm My ragged on the edges girl, ah but I like em rough
Bm G Bm G F
C GBaby got a '69 mustang
Am FFour on the floor and you oughtta hear the pipes ring
C G FI jump behind the wheel and it's a way we go
C GHey I drive too fast but she don't care
Am F CBlue bandana tied all up in her hair, just sittin there
G Asus ASingin' every song on the radio
CHORUS Instrumental: D A Bm G D A Em G REPEAT LAST 1/2 OF CHORUS Out: Bm G (repeat) Chords: A = x02220 Asus= x02230 Am = x02210 Bm = x24432(bar chord) or xx4432 C = x32010 D = xx0232 Em = 022000 F = 133211(bar chord) or xx3211 G = 320003 If you want to play with no capo play these chords in place of the ones listed on the tab:
A------> C#Asus---> C#sus
Am-----> C#m Bm-----> Ebm C------> E D------> F# Em-----> G#m F------> A G------> B
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