Toby Keith – Note To Self chords

intro- F C,F C,
F C, G C.

F CNote to self
G CBetter call
F CShe'll be mad as hell
G CIf I know her at all
F CCuz today's her birthday
G CAnd I almost forgot
F CNote to self
G CI better not
F CNote to self
G COn my way home
F CDon't forget the roses
G Cand Dom Perignon
F CYou know how she loves a
G AMGreat big suprise
F CNote to self
G CYou're skating on thin ice
F CHmm I ain't gonna screw it up this time
F CHmmm I'm gonna really make her proud she's mine
--same chords the rest of the song--- --- submitted by T.J. Cronin-- -- rest of the lyrics below-- Note to self Remember when You use to light her up When you walked in And she stole your breath away That's the way it was Everytime you kissed her And she still does Hmm I ain't gonna mess it up this time Hmmmmmmm I'm gonna really make her proud she's mine Turning down the street I'm pulling in the drive Door ain't lock So I step inside She ain't here to greet me So what's goin on? Note self She's already gone Hmmmm gone Hmmmmmmmm gone Hmmmmmm I guess I really messed it up this time...
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