Toby Keith – The Taliban Song chords

Hi there, didn't quite like the two chord arrangements that i found here so I post 
what i think is right  instead.

Enjoy / Wille

Capo 4 fret

Main riff (for intro and verse)

D, F#m7, G, A (alternate A and Asus4)

Vers 1

I'm just a middle-aged middle-eastern camel-herdin man 
I got a little two-bedroom cave here in North Afganistan
Things used to be real nice and they got out of hand
Since they moved in
They call themselves the Taliban
Oooh, oooh the Taliban Baby
Now i ain't seen my wife's face since they came here
They make her wear a scarf over her head 
That covers her from ear to ear
She loves the desert and the hot white sand
But man she's just like me
No she can't stand, The Taliban 
Oooh, oooh the Taliban Baby

G ABut you know someday soon wer'e both gonna saddle up
D F#m7 Bm Bsus2 Bm And it'l be ride camel ride
G A My old lady she'll be here with me
D F#m7 Bm Bsus2 Bm just smilin right by my side
G AWe should do just fine around Palestine
D F#m7 Bm Bsus2 Bm Or maybe Turkmenistan
G AWe'll bid a fair adieu and flip the finger to
D F#m7, G, A (main riff again)The taliban
verse 2: Now they attacked New York City 'Cause they thought they could win Said they would stand and fight until the very bloody end Mr. Bush got on the phone with Iraq and Iran and said Now you son-of-b**ches ypu better not be doing any buisiness With the Taliban So we prayed to Allah with all of our might Until those big U.S. Jets came flying in one night And they dropped little bombs all over their holy land Man you should have seen them run like rabbits they ran The Taliban Chorus: Happy to take comments to
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