Toby Keith - Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue tab

Tuning: Standard (e-B-G-D-A-E)

I am sure not many people are going to look at this tab but for those of you who want 
here you go! It's pretty easy

/ slide up
\ slide down
~ vibrato
p pull-off
h hammer-on
b bend (the notes in ( ) after a b is what you bend the note to sound like)
r release
x play with your fingers NOT pressed down on the fret board all the way

e|----------------------------------10----9----7------------------------|B|-------------------------------/7----/7---/7-------------------12-----|G|---------------7-x-----------------------------9b(11)-7-9b(11)----11--|D|---------------7-x-----------7----------------------------------------|A|-5-(5)-7-5-7/9--------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------9\7p5-7/9------------------------------------------| ^ ^ ^ (The sliding on the second string can be started at the 5th fret)
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