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Todd Snider – Tension chords


Todd Snider

ATension ss
DTension ss
A E||Tension ssit's all that I know
A I got tension out in traffic
D I got tension in my office
A E A I got tension and it's everywhere that I go
A EAfter the bad guy killed off all the underdeveloped characters
F#m AThe good guy put a bullet right through his head
EThe screenwriter stood up and told us that all the loose ends had been
F#mtied, justice is irrelevant
DViolent problems need violent solutions
A E'Cause in America we like our bad guys dead
It's called box office, baby
A D E AIt's bigger than the damn Stones
A EWell they roped off all of my problems and pointed their fingers at addiction
F#m D A'Cause they know if you're doin' the pointin' no one's lookin' at you
E But you know this war on drugs it's funded by the Tobacco and Alcohol Commissions
F#m DIt's not what drugs you're strung out on they care about as much as whose
A EYou see people....people still love drugs
D A D E AY'all do anyway...I'm over it
Tension ss Tension ss Tension ssit's all that I know I got tension in my classroom I got tension in my courtroom I got tension and it's everywhere that I go (Spoken)
A EWhen rock and roll first came around the preachers all went crazy
F#m D ABut soon that wasn't enough to bring people in the door
A ESo now they jump on any scandal that they can to try and save me
F#m D A E'Cause they know I don't buy that crap about the Devil's music anymore
A DRepublicans
E That's what scares people these days
A D E AThat and Democrats
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