Todd Sweeney – Wait chords

F Easy now.
GmHush, love, hush.
FDon't distress yourself,
GmWhat's your rush?
FKeep your thoughts
GmNice and lush.
D# / F (Not sure, either one works for me)Wait.
(F Gm x3)Hush, love, hush.
Think it through. Once it bubbles, Then what's to do? Watch it close. Let it brew. D# / F (Once again, either one works for me) Wait.
C#mI've been thinking, flowers--
AMaybe daisies--
C#mTo brighten up the room.
A C#m Don't you think some flowers,
APretty daisies,
C#mMight relieve the gloom?
A FAh, wait, love, wait.
F Slow, love, slow.
GmTime's so fast.
FNow goes quickly--
GmSee, now it's past!
FSoon will come.
GmSoon will last.
FDon't you know,
GmSilly man,
FHalf the fun is to
GmPlan the plan?
F All good things come to
GmThose who can
FGillyflowers, maybe,
Gm'stead of daisies.
F I don't know, though.
Gm FWhat do you think?
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