Todd Sweeney – My Friends chords

First of all, this song is Half-Step Down since it makes it chords a bit more
normal when playing. If you wish, play it Standard by just playing Half a
tune higher.

Second, since the transcription of this song is better for piano, the left
hand plays the supposed Chord, but the right hand plays another chord in
order to "decorate" the song. So if you'd like to play it with a second
guitar, that's what the 2nd guitar can do.

Chord:   Other chord:
Bm7      Em7
D        A
G        D
F#       Same
B        Same
A#m      Same

Cm7      Fm7
D#       A#
A        A9
C#       Same

Intro [Bm + Em7] (Listen to the song and you'll find out how it goes.)

Bm7These are my friends, see how they glisten.
See this one shine, how he smiles in the light,
D Bmmy friends, my faithful friends.
BmSpeak to me, friend. Whisper, I listen,
I know, I know, you've been lock
D Bmout of sight all these years, like me my friend,
Gwell I've come home to find you waiting,
F#home, where we're together
B A#mand we'll do wonders, won't we?
Cm7You there, my friend? Come let me hold you.
Now, with a sigh, you grow warm in my hand,
D# Cmmy friend, my clever friend.
Cm7Rest now my friend, soon I'll unfold you.
Soon you'll know splendors you never
D# Cmhave dreamed all your days, my lucky friends.
ATill now your shine was merely silver.
C#Friends, you shall drip rubies,
you'll soon drip precious rubies. Ending in Cm. -At last, my right arm is complete again!- Main theme played in G. Hope it helps. I only thing I didn't make available is the female part, since it's only mixing voices (which is pretty difficult), so if you want to try it, go ahead.
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