Tom Cochrane - Wildest Dreams chords

E = 022100
A = 002220
A+= 002230
D = X00232

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E AYou talk as if in riddles
A A+ A EYou talk as if in rhymes
E ADown in the lion's lair
A A+ A EI stroke yourself to feel so fine
E AAnd what are you afraid of
A F#mAfraid to get so touched
F#m A ELike when you begin to feel, is that way way too much
E AYou've lost your sense of purpose
A A+ A EAnd you can't stand alone
E AThere's no more circus here
A A+ A EAnd nothing's carved in stone
E AI see you down in the desert
A F#m And on the lonely beach
F#m AI hold you in these places
A EWhere no one else can reach you
(arpeggio E from high "e" string down) For comfort there... Chorus:
E D A A+ AIn your wildest dreams,
E D AWe can talk until we say something
E D A A+ AIt don't mean a thing
F#m A EI will be there when you come back down, oh yeah
E A E A Oh yeah, yeah.
Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1) I hold you in the desert And on the lonely beach I hold you in these places Where no one else can reach you The words cannot reveal this And nothing's carved in stone So baby don't hide around it, If it's something you can own I want you when you're bad, And when you think you're good I want you when you won't And when you think you should I want you when you're angry And when you come back down I hold you above the water, When you think that you might drown Go a-wonder... [Chorus 2] Bridge:
F#m DI look back in
A EAnd you'll be smiling once again
F#m DI turn around
A EJust as the sun comes shining in on you
F#m A EWe have not lost, but just begun
[Chorus 3 & 4] Last line: For now and ever, we've just begun...
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