Tom Fogerty – Forty Years tab

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Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 13:13:38 -0600
From: Collins Crapo 
Subject: f/fogerty_tom/forty_years.crd

performed by Tom Fogerty
(probably written by him too)
album: Excalibur (1972)
tab transcribed by Collins Crapo 

G / / / D7 / / / G / / / 2 / / /

            D7            G
40 years we labor on this chain
C                G                D
Workin' much too hard for what we gain
G             D7               Em
You and I, we taste the bitter end
G          D7                G
Workin' 40 years for another man

Verse 2:
Got no name, just a number in the book
Friendly faces hide the royal look
Nothin' down on you, it's such a shame
Workin' 40 years for another man

C           G            C
 40 years 40-- long long years
 Give the man your blood and sweat and tears
                   D7          G
Cash your check on Friday afternoon
C                 G                D
Sunday night your money's gone too soon
G                  D7             Em
For your children, will it be the same?
G          D7                G
Workin' 40 years for another man

(instrumental, same pattern as verses)

(chorus, then repeat its last line and fade)
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