Tom Milsom – Indigo chords

If I mattered to you
Bb FThen all I would see is indigo
Gm EbNothing else I could do
Bb FCould ever make you more dear to me and so
Gm EbEvery green every blue
Bb FEvery red orange and ultramarine
Gm BbAug/F# Bb/FI’ve seen
Bb4/EWould go indigo for you
F Every time that I look Deep inside me the colour’s all I see And my mind is a book Rainbow painted a story about me Photographs that I took That were once black and white would now be free To be In shades of indigo for you Orange, yellow, green and malachite Octarine, light plum and eggshell white International Klein Blue, maroon Azure, magenta, midnight blue Harlequin and helitrope, Tea, tan, turquoise, teal and taupe Amaranth and Ivory Cosmic latte, tangerine If I mattered to you Then all I would see is indigo Nothing else I could do Could ever make you more dear to me and so Every green every blue Every pink, black, white, grey, yellow, mauve and cerise Beige and ultramarine I’ve seen Would go indigo for you Check out more Tom Milsom and listen to his songs for free at
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