Tom Milsom – Animals chords


D  A  G  D

DWhat if birds,
Afell in love like we do?
Gthe skies would be empty,
Dmade of invisible winds.
DWhat if fish,
Afound they had emotions?
Gand suddenly our oceans,
Dwould become blinded by things.
GTheres something to be said,
Dfor getting into bed,
Aand covering your head,
D A Gand waiing for whatever comes your way,
but in the end,
Dwhen you've lost all your friends,
Athey're never coming back.
DAnd if I tried,
Ato tell you I loved you,
Gwould you promise to try to,
Dfeel the same way?
DI know I'm not,
Athe only fish in the sea but,
Gif it were just you and me,
D A Dwe'd take control of the sky.
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