Tom Milsom – Take Me Out chords

Hi there. This is my first-ever tab, so wish me luck. I learned this song on ukulele so
that's what these chords are for (If you want to transpose easily to guitar, a standard
ukulele is a guitar capo'd down 5 frets). I'm sure that there's a more complex way of 
playing this song, but if anyone wants a quick idea of how to play it, this is how I do it.

'Take Me Out' is by the lovely Tom Milsom and all the rights belong to him, of course.
The lyrics are from his YouTube video for this song.

C FThere's some teenage smell to summer nothing I can do but feel it shine (oh oh)
FWoke up with rocks inside my heart but breathing in the air here makes it
CI've got that anxious little fever but I've got a way to sweat the sadness
Fout (oh oh)
C F-----Make shapes and take a little space to find a phrase appropriate to shout
--------->So I guess you'd better take me out
C FThere's some simplicity to sunshine a cacophonous out pour of degree (oh oh)
CShines upon its friends when it calls to them
FSoundless circular white suck up the seas
CYou've got it and I want it
FIt's something we can't be without
CDark scheming and light dreaming
FThis is what it is all about
CSo I guess you'd better take me out
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