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Tom Milsom – They chords

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Gm DmThey say all’s fair in love and war
F CBut this war’s not fair and my heart’s still sore
Bb FWho the hell are they anyway
Bb FThe ones who say tomorrow’s just another day
CAnd there are plenty more fish in the sea
Not for me I’m finding I’m someone different these days Tired of clichés tired of old wives’ tales There’s not an aphorism made that can hold me back Why won’t you hold me back like you used to do Don’t tell me it’s not me if it’s not you And when I leave the house They want to know why I’m alone Why I’m the only lost and lonely soul alive today So they say So why do they keep talking at me Telling me that I’m the one who’s wrong One size fits all would seem to be their thinking’s lowdown But it barely works for socks why would it work for mental breakdowns And they say you’ll never love me The way that I love you But they’ve not been right so far So I think that I’ll continue to
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