Tom Milsom – Iou chords

Intro: Em, C, G, D (for how ever long you please)

G EmYou wrote letters to our friends
DSo that we could all pretend
C GYou were able to defend my love
G EmComplex lines in verdigris
DI owe you and you owe me
C GBut I'm sure we won't agree, my love
Em C G DAnd all the walls were falling down
Em C G DWhere all the words you wrote were found
Em C G DAnd all the silent space around
Em C G DWas suddenly alive
(Little Instrumental Bit: Em, C, G, D blah, blah, blah... you get the idea) (Same Chords as the other verses) We took them as we took our leave Filling pockets, filling sleeves We were little more than thieves, my love And we read every single note And every thought and every quote I cried at every word you wrote, my love Hi, I'm Ryan! I do music sometimes! DFTBA! My music: well... bye :3
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