Tom Milsom – Faster chords

Chords: C G Am F

C G AmI'll be back in my own time
F CYou've got your reasoning and I've got mine
G AmBulldozing minds, problems unsolved
F CWorking me faster and losing control
G AmAnxious to please everyone there
F CTwo distinct entities up in the air
G C Time on your hands, space in your head
F CTear them apart and do nothing instead
G Am There is a panic in the air,
F The air responds by almost effortlessly liquefying
C G AmIf you move faster everywhere
F A crack appears around your head no moving, no complying
C G AmThere is a panic in the air
FA pillow pushed upon my face and then the day is dying
C G AmIf you move faster everywhere
F The day is gone, the day is gone
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