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Tom Petty – Saving Grace chords

Saving Grace-   Tom Petty
E E E E| E E E/G E/G (…hit on Hi-Hat stand) E E E E| E E E/G E/G
I’m passing sleeping cities; fading by degrees. Not believing all I see to be so. I’m flyin' over backyards; country homes and ranches. Watching life between the branches below.
A Asus A AsusAnd it’s hard to say; Who you are these days.
A Asus E But you run on anyway; Don’t you baby?
G D Dsus-D-Dsus2 You keep runnin’ for another place; To find that saving grace.
E I’m moving on alone; over ground that no one owns. Past statues that atone for my sins. There’s a guard on every door; and a drink on every floor. Over flowin’ with a thousand amens. ... Don’t you baby? Oh! E Bb A G E Bb A G E Bb A G A E Bb A G E Bb A G E Bb A G A B E You’re rollin’ up the carpet; of your fathers two-room mansion. No headroom for expansion no more. And there’s a corner of the floor; They’re telling you is yours. You’re confident but not really sure. ... Don’t you baby?
G D E EYou keep runnin’ for another place, to find that saving grace.
Asus E Don’t you baby? E Bb A G E Bb A G E Bb A G E.......
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