Alright For Now chords with lyrics by Tom Petty - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tom Petty – Alright For Now chords

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: D A7 D A7 D B7 G D 

D A7Good night Baby
D A7Sleep tight my love
D B7 May God watch over
G DYou from above
D A7 Tomorrow I'm working
D A7What would I do
D B7I'd be lost and lonely
G DIf not for you
D A7 D A7 D B7 G D
F#m EmSo Close Your eyes
F#m EmYou're all right
A A7For now
D A7I've spent my life Traveling
D A7Spent my life free
D B7I could not repay all
G D you've done for me
D A7So Sleep tight baby
D A7Unfurrow your brow
D B7 And know I love you
G BYou're all right for now
G DYou're alllll right for now
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