Tomberlin – Any Other Way chords

C Em G6 D

C Em G6 D CHopped on a plane for the first time today
Em G6 D CI can't look back
Em G6 D CI needed some self-assurance
Em G6 D CI'm gonna find that
C Em G6 D CGot a book off the shelf today
Em G6 D CIt's gonna tell me what I should say
Em G6 D C Em G6 D CI don't know how to talk, when you're looking that way
C Em G6Feeling bad for saying
D COh my god
Em G6 D CNo I'm not kidding
Em G6 D CGave me a sudden feeling
Em G6 D CThat I didn't have a place
C Em G6 D CYou said that I was brave
Em G6 D CBut I just feel insane
Em G6 D CYou said to look into your face each day
Em G6 D CCan you tell I'd never look away
C Em G6 D CI'm tired of running away
Em G6 D CBut I turned this town upside down
Em G6 D CAnd I never found another like you
Em G6 D CGod turned off all the lights
C Em G6 D CThere's gotta be a way
Em G6 D CI'm tired of feeling like you only stay
Em G6 D COut of guilt and out of shame
Em G6 D CBut did we know any other way
C Em G6 D CI didn't know any other way
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