Tommy Sands – Dont Call Me Early In The Morning chords

Left handed
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Tabbed by Jack Dingler

Don't Call Me Early In The Morning
(Words & music by Tommy Sands) 

[C]Donย’t call me [G]early in the [F]mor [C]ning
[F]Call me what you [C]want to but [G]leave me alone
[C]Don't call me [G]early in the [F]mor [C]ning
Just [G]leave me till the cows are coming [Am]home

[C]A man or a [G]woman they [F]need the relaxation 
From [C]rising always at the [G]dawn 
And the [C]heart of the [G]matter, [F]tomorrow is a Saturday
And [C]I'll be lying lying [G]on 

Sad the lad that can't rest contented 
He has a dollar but must have more 
He fills himself with pills to retire with a million
And falls asleep at sixty-four

Fair is fair and I've done my share
My nerves are gettin' on my nerves
If you don't have a pillow of the white swan's feather 
We'll do with a corner for my head 

Just a gentle warning for tomorrow morning 
No big noises near my room
Cars with no exhausts, chickens with the whooping cough 
And milkmen that whistle out of tune
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