Tunica Motel tab with lyrics by Tony Joe White - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tony Joe White – Tunica Motel tab

Fellow strummers... this song is sick

F#/Gbm    244222
F#/Gbm7   242222
Badd9     x24422
E7        020100
B7        x21202
D7        xx0212

Riff 1e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----2--4------2---------------------2--2--4------------------------|A|---------2--4----4s2--0--------------------------------------------|E|--2----------------------2---0---2---------------------------------|
Riff 2
Intro Riff1 x2 F#/Gbm F#/Gbm7 Monday looked like a downer F#/Gbm Badd9 Tuesday looked like rain E7 A bad altitude B7 And I knew I needed a change Riff 1 F#/Gbm F#/Gbm7 Head out on the highway F#/Gbm Badd9 Cruising way down south E7 I knew a little place B7 Riff 1 Where I might could work it all out D7 B7 Riff 1 I'm so tired of fighting with myself D7 B7 Riff1 Gonna spend a little time at the Tunica Motel F#/Gbm F#/Gbm7 Just outside of Memphis, F#/Gbm Badd9 Highway 61 E7 B7 Sleepy little town down by the Riff 1 Mississippi River F# F#/Gbm7 I'm gonna lay out on a houseboat F#/Gbm Badd9 Until my hide turns brown E7 Ain't gonna move 'till the B7 Riff 1 Evening sun goes down D7 Riff 1 Fried chicken to go and they got live bait for sale D7 B7 Anything you need at the Tunica Motel Riff2 x5 Riff1 F#/Gbm F#/Gbm7 I find myself at midnight F#/Gbm Badd9 Moving to the back porch blues E7 B7 The guitar cries, telling me Riff 1 About the hard times F#/Gbm F#/Gbm7 Something moves in the shadows F#/Gbm Badd9 Giving me a little chill E7 I thought I saw Robert Johnson B7 Riff 1 Walking out across the field D7 B7 Riff 1 There ain't hardly anybody left who even knows the tale D7 B7 Riff2 Gimme the blues at the Tunica Motel Riff2 fade to end "The best things in life aren't things" -John Butler Trio
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