Tony Joe White – Robbin My Honeycomb chords

Tony Joe White - Robbin' My Honeycomb

(Intro: Em)

Em Bm7One more Greyhound running tonight
Am B7 EmBiloxi, Mississippi bound
Bm7But I ain't ridin', let it go on by
Am B7 EmI think I'll just hang around downtown
Am B7 EmWent to my baby's house, didn't telephone
Am B7 Em Strange car in the driveway, she was not alone
Am B7 Em Now I'm out on the street, hurting down in my bones
Bm7 Am B7 Em Somebody's been robbin' my honeycomb
(Same chord progression in the guitar solos) I can't look back, no memories If that's the way she wants it, that's how's it gonna be I never was one to keep hanging on If the woman don't want you just leave her alone But I think about it, and it tears me down I find a little bar with a 7 and a Crown I'm a dangerous man, drinkin' alone And I feel like robbin' somebody's honeycomb Daylight finds me out on the road Hard rain falling but I don't feel the cold I got a fire inside and it's burnin' deep I got to let that woman and her new lover be But he better not play you for a fool I'd hurt somebody that would do that to you I still got my feelings, they're burnin' strong Somebody's been robbin my honeycomb And I feel like robbin' somebody's honeycomb
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