Tony Rice – John Wilkes Booth chords ver. 2

written by : Mary Chapin Carpenter
album played capo 6 fret key of G 
this is my version in the key of C
so I can attempt to sing it LOL

C FJohn Wilkes Booth was a southern man,
Am GBorn of an actor in Maryland,
C FBound for fortune on a gas-lit stage,
Am G CBound to die at a tender age.
Washington to Baltimore, He played the bills and he slept with whores, And he burned inside with a hatred deep For the man who caused the south to weep. Young Abe Lincoln wasn't young no more, Tired old man when he won the war, And he dreamed at night of his death by the hand Of a bitter world and a faceless man
F G AmAnd he saw his body in a ghastly dream,
F Am GDraped in black while his widow screamed.
F G AmTwo silver dollars on his eyelids lay.
C F G CAbraham Lincoln has died today.
F G AmCHORUS: They said there were five and they said there were ten.
C F GSome say there was never more than just one man.
F G AmWho would smile to see Mr. Lincoln dead
C Am DmIn the name of God and Dixie,
C Am G CIn the name of God and Dixie Land.
John Wilkes Booth and his band of men They'd failed before but would try again. When Good Friday dawned with a fickle sun, Then Booth declared the day had come. The word was passed and the guns were brought, Down to Mary Sarrat's boarding house. Sealed in a note, Booth named just four, But the gallows would sway with many more. CHORUS John Wilkes Booth went to his grave With a bullet in his neck and a broken leg, A patriot and his fantasy Of redemption, grace, and bravery. And those who hanged and those who spent Their lives behind a jailer's fence, Only Booth could have set them free From the taint of the conspiracy. CHORUS In the name of God and Dixie In the name of God and Dixie land
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