Toto - Hydra tab

toto, hydra.
 Tabbed by joel,

Toto  Hydra	

Tabbed by : Joel Astrom 
Hompage: Http://

I tabbed it from a live record (toto absolutley live)

Intro: F#m		E	Dmaj7    x 8times

   Synth melodi:
e|-------9--------------------------------------------------- --| b|-----------12-10-9----9---------------------------------------|A g|-----------------------------11-11----------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
verse: Listen to the song to get the correct rythm. Steve plays this whit funky feeling. kind of hard to tab the rythm, easier to play-along and get a grip of it yourself!
e|--------------------------------------------------------------| b|--------------------------------------------------------------| g|---11-11--9-11----9-11-11-----11-11-9-11----9-11-11-----------|B D|--------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
e|--------------------------------------------------------------| b|--------------------------------------------------------------| g|----11-11--9--11----------------------------------------------| D|------------------------12--11--------------------------------| A|------------------------------------12--11----9---------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------12-------| x 4 times
e|--------------------------------------------------------------| b|--------------------------------------------------------------| g|--------------------------------------------------------------|C D|--------------------------------------------------------------| A|----5-4-2---------------------5-4-2-----5-5--4--2-2-----------| E|----------5----0-2-2---0-5----------5-------------------------| x 6 times
e|--------------------------------------------------------------| b|--------------------------------------------------------------| D g|-----9--11--13--11--13------9--11--13--11--9-----9-11-13-11-9-| D|--12--------------------12--------------------12--------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
Here is the form for the song: A-B-C-B-C-D-A-B-C-D-solo(D)-end HydraThere was a manWho walked alone Searching for the girl who had just caught his"I was a fool!" he cried His mind had wanderedHe blinked and the sky moved ever so slightly He searched the cityShe was nowhere to be found Meanwhile she was floating downward, downwardDo you want your freedom Do you want my loveDo you want your freedomFrom the one you're thinking of There lies a ladyNaked and yet not knowing it A spell had chained her heart foreverPray upon by the wolves in Times Square Feel into an abyss of thin airInnocence caged in sanctuary There sat the Dragon LordPlaying solitairy Defying the rules the holy boys leap Hell's KitchenDo you want your freedom Do you want my loveDo you want your freedomFrom the man who lives above Suddenly a voice was heardIn a flash the brave young man appeared The Dragon Lord will cut him with his tailChased him to the stairway Caught him halfway to the topSent him whirling down Fireballs, summer solstice The Dragon Lord descended down on him She turned to look but saw only darkness silenceYou don't want your freedom You don't want my loveYou don't want your throat cutBy the same I'm thinking of :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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