Toussaint Mccall – Nothing Takes The Place Of You tab

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Organist-singer Toussaint McCall lip-synced to this 1967 semi-hit about 20------#
years later in the movie 'Hairspray'.  -- AWR

                    "Nothing Takes The Place Of You"
                           (Toussaint McCall)


	(organ, pedal bass, and piano - there is no guitar on the record):

	Ab     Fm     Db     Eb
	////// ////// ////// //////

Verse 1:

	              Ab                Fm
	I moved your pictures  from my wall
	             Db                        Eb
	And I'll replace them, both large and small
	             Ab                Fm
	And each new day  finds me so blue
	 Bbm                        Eb    Eb7+5
	Nothing  takes the place of you

Verse 2:

	I read your letters  one by one
	And I still love you   when it's all said and done
	And oh my darling, I'm so blue
	         Bbm         Eb                 Ab           Ab7
	Because nothing, oh nothing, takes the place of you


	Db                   Ab
	As...  I write this letter
	      Eb                  Ab   Ab7
	It's raining on my windowpane
	Db                 Fm
	As...  I feel the need of you
	         Bb7                          Eb7   Eb7+5
	Because without you nothing seems the same

Verse 3:

	So I'll wait  until you're home
	Again I'll love you  but I'm all alone
	And oh, my darling, I'm so blue
	         Bbm             Eb                Ab
	Because nothing, oh but nothing takes the place of you


	Ab     Fm     Bbm    Eb     [fade]
	////// ////// ////// //////

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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