Townes Van Zandt – For The Sake Of The Song tab

Townes Van Zandt
For the Sake of the Song

transcribed by Phil Mitchell

capo at 2nd fret (all notes and chords relative to the capo)

Intro:A D A D---------------------2-4-4h5p4-2p0---0---------------2-4-4h5p4-2--|p-----2-----2---2----(3)-------(3)----2-----2---2----(3)-----------|(3)---2-----2---2-----2---------------2-----2---2-----2--------------|-------2---------0---------------------2---------0----------------|-0-------------------------------0--------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------|
A E A A-0-----------------------4--2--0-0-------------------------------|-----2-----2---2-----3/5-5--3----2---2-----2---2-----2-----2---2-|---2-----2---2---------------------2-----2---2-----2-----2---2---|-------2-----------2-------------------2---------------2---------|-0-------------------------------0---------------0---------------|-----------------0-----------------------------------------------|
Verse: A D A A Why does she sing her sad songs for me? I'm not the one A D A A to tenderly bring her soft sympathy. I've just begun E E A A to see me way clear and its plain if I stop I should fall. E E A A I can lay down a tear for her pain, just a tear and that's all. Pre-chorus: D A D What does she want me to do? She says that she knows E A A these moments are rare, I suppose that it's true. D E A A Then on she goes to say I don't care, ah, she knows that I do. Chorus: E E A A Maybe she just has to sing for the sake of the song E E A(back to intro) And who do I think that I am to decide that she's wrong? Repeat and enjoy.
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