Townes Van Zandt – Be Here To Love Me tab

Be Here to Love Me   -Townes Van Zandt   (chord letter names relative to capo at 4th fret)

Intro:  G h.o Am7 p.o. G (x4)

          D                                   C                               G    h.o.
p.o. G (x2)
Your eyes seek conclusion in all this confusion of mine
        D                                    C                                   G
Am7 p.o. G (x2)
But you and I both know it's only the warm glow of wine
That's got you to feelin' this way
          G *
But I don't care I want you to stay
D                                         C                           G *
Hold me and tell me you'll be here to love me today.

Children are dancin', the gamblers are chancin' their all
The window's accusing the door of abusing the wall
But who cares what the night watchmen say
The stage has been set for the play
So just hold me and tell me you'll be here to love me today

C G * D C G *>

The moon's come and gone but a few stars hang on to the sky
Well the wind's runnin' free but it ain't up to me ask why
But the poets are demanding their pay
And they've left me with nothin' to say
except hold me and tell me you'll be here to love me today
       D                                        C                            G *
Just hold me and tell me you'll be here to love me today

use the third and fourth fingers of the left hand and hold them at the third fret of the
and sixth E strings and then keep those two fingers in place while using the first and
fingers of that same left hand to hammer on the A minor 7  chord which is second finger
the fourth/D string at the second fret and the first finger on the second/B string at
first fret).>

As a common practice, I once again (especially where it comes to Townes Van Zandt's
playing) highly recommend listening to the recording and even playing guitar along with it
also singing along with it at the same time and this helps you get a feel for exactly
part of a lyric the chord changes on as well as the general rhythm and flow of the
 The recording I was listening to with this one was on the Townes Van Zandt Anthology 2
album that has remastered almost all of his best songs and comes from me as very highly
for all appreciators of singer-songwriters as one of the best 2 disc albums you can ever 
 (He had so many best songs they couldn't fit them all on only two discs.)
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