Townes Van Zandt – Lungs chords

Lungs Written and Performed by the great Townes Van Zandt
I noticed that the chords in the other version posted on UG seemed to be 
incorrect, though the intro was spot on. Lungs is musically very simple (the 
lyrics are a different story entirely!). You'll only need Em and D.

EmWont you lend your lungs to me
D EmMine are collapsing
EmPlant my feet and bitterly
D EmBreathe up the time that's passing
D Em (D)Breath I'll give and breath I'll take
D Em And pray the day's not poison
Em D EmStand among the ones that live
Em D EmIn lonely indecision
The rest of the verses follow the same progression with variations/ repetitions of the intro in between them. Fingers walk the darkness down Mind is on the midnight Gather up the gold you've found You fool it's only moonlight And if you try to take it home Your hands'll turn to butter Better leave this dream alone Try to find another Salvation sat and crossed herself And called the devil partner Wisdom burned upon a shelf Who'll kill the raging cancer? Seal the river at its mouth Take the water prisoner Fill the sky with screams and cries Bathe in fiery answer Jesus was an only son Love his only concept Strangers cry in foreign tongues And dirty up the doorstep And I for one and you for two Ain't got the time for outside Just keep your injured looks to you We'll tell the world we tried
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