Townes Van Zandt – Lungs tab

  Submitted by Rainer
as recorded on ' Townes Van Zandt'
^ = hammer on / pull off
e I-------------I----------I---------------I--------------I-------0------------|Ib I-------------I----------I---------------I--------------I-------0------------|Ig I-2^4-2^0-----I----------I-2^4-2-2^0-----I--------------I-------0-I-4-2------|D I---------0-2-I--2-0-0^2-I-----------0-2-I--2-0---------I--2----2-I-----0^2--|A I-------------I----------I---------------I------2^0-----I---------I----------|E I-------------I-0--------I---------------I-0--------3-0-I-0--00---I----------|similar during Bm Am G Em / Em G Em progession and between verses(Probably the positions of the chord are not correct. So are the chords themselves, I cannot decideclearly whether minor or major, that was guesswork. But it would be sufficient to play the basicnotes most of the time, not at D Em.)
Bm Am G Em Won't you lend your lungs to me? Em G Em Mine are collapsing Em Am G Em Plant my feet and bitterly breathe Em G Em up the time that's passing. D E D Breath I'll take and breath I'll give D E D pray the day ain't poison Bm Am G Em stand among the ones that live Em G Em in lonely indecision. between verses Bm Am G Em Fingers walk the darkness down mind is on the midnight gather up the gold you've found you fool, it's only moonlight. If you try to take it home your hands will turn to butter You better leave this dream alone try to find another. Salvation sat and crossed herself called the devil partner wisdom burned upon a shelf who'll kill the raging cancer Seal the river at its mouth take the water prisoner fill the sky with screams and cries bathe in fiery answers 1 verse instrumental / slide guitar Jesus was an only son and love his only concept strangers cry in foreign tongues and dirty up the doorstep and I for one, and you for two ai'nt got the time for outside just keep your injured looks to you we'll tell the world we tried #--------------------------------------------------------------#
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