Townes Van Zandt – She Came And She Touched Me tab

capo at 4th. fret  

     C           F       C   G   C             F  C  G  
She came and she touched me with hands made of heaven   

    Em             F                               C     
Reflections sent spinnin' through a face laced in mist.

                      F    C    G    C               F C G    
Now I stand where she left me buried deep 'neath her shadow  

     Em            F                        C  
And mirror pleads sadly has it all come to this?

      G                F        G     G7
And I wonder, will she call my name?

           C           F  C   G      C            F    C  G   
Where the wind careens madly through wide windows paneless  

Em          F                       C 
Fragrances mingle in a room full of shade

               F    C   G    C               F  C   G         
The peons pick partners and waltz 'cross the ceiling  

         Em      F                        C   
But the violins whisper, "have I been betrayed?"

G              F     G          G7   
Tryin' not to look ashamed.

           C              F  C   G    C              F C  G
Where the drunkards drink deeply from cups full of nothin'  

     Em             F                           C 
It's ghost-lover's laugh at the games that they play

                     F   C  G     C      F C G     
While the moments do summersaults into eternity    

Em              F                          C  
Cling to their coat-tails and beg them to stay

G                F          G         G7 
Sayin', " I got nothin' to hide".

       C            F  C  G   C             F C G  
Where illusions projected on walls made of tiffany   

Em      F                   C   
Mad minuets to a sad satin song

               F  C G     C          F    C   G    
The harlequin mandolins   harmonize helplessly    

Em           F                       C  
Hoping that endlessly won't last for long

G                   F         G             G7   
Prayin' that their god ain't died.

        C          F  C   G      C           F    C   G     
Then I turn and I see her in a dress made of moonlight   

Em              F                            C 
Teardrops like diamonds slide slow down her face

                      F    C   G    C             F  C  G   
And her arms they surround me like chains made of velvet  

        Em           F                     C  
And the demons fall faithfully into their place

         G     F         G         G7 
And the rivers run with jewels.

         C           F  C   G   C               F    C   G
Now the morning lies open, the night went quite quickly     

Em       F                       C  
Memory harmlessly fractures and fades

                  F   C   G   C         F   C   G        
All the poets do push-ups on carpets of rubber foam  

Em           F                              C    
Loudly they laugh at some joke that's been made

         G        F         G        G7 
And the wise men speak like fools.
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