Toy Dolls – Spiders In The Dressing Room chords

A E A I Was Getting Dressed Late One Night
A E A Along Came A Spider And I Got A Fright
D A Oh I Could Not Squash It Flat
E A No Matter How I Tried
D AAnd When It Looked Me In The Eye
E D AI Ran Away To Hide
Then all the chords are power chords and are played like that:
A-chord as an example:
A E AI Put On Me Doctor Martin Shoes
A E AA Battle With The Spider That I Wasn't Gonna Loose
D AA Kick From The Left A Kick From The Right
E AI Was On The Floor But I Was Alright
D A E (let this chord ring)It Was Gonna Be A Long Long Night
A DSpiders In The Dressing Room
A ESpiders Everywhere
A D E (let this chord ring)Spider In The Dressing Room Beware
A E AThings Were Getting Hot And I Had To Take A Chance
A E A The Spider Got Impatient started Crawling Up Me Pants
D A E AI Shook It Off Me Leg Thump It Hit The Ground
D A E A Everything Was Silent So I Didn't Make A Sound
A E AI Crossed The Room As Happy As Can Be
A E A I Had Killed The Spider Now It Couldn't Bother Me
D ABut With Me Arm On The Light
E A He Was There Ready For A Fight
D A E (let this chord ring) It Was Gonna Be A Long Long Night
Chorus Solo:
F# C# F#1:---------------------------------|2:---------------------------------|3:---------------------------------|4:--4-4-4-6-8-8-8-4-6-6-6-3-4-4-4--| x25:---------------------------------|6:---------------------------------|
A E AIt Was Getting Late And The Spider Wasn't Dead
A E A An Audience Had Gathered Round and I Was Going Red
D AI Put A Jam Jar On The Floor
E AThe Spider Crawled Inside It
D AI Screwed The Lid Back On The Top
E AAnd Threw The Jar Outside
A E A At A Party Late That Night everything Was Bright And Gay
A E AWe Played All Our Pop Records And Danced The Night Away
D A Early In The Morning Came A Knocking At The Door
E AI Opened It Slowly Guess What I Saw
D A E (let this chord ring) It Was Gonna Be A Long Long Night
Chorus x2 Ending: A
E ASpiders Spiders Spiders Spiders Spiders In The Dressing Room
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