When The Old Dun Cow Caught Fire chords with lyrics by Traditional Irish - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Traditional Irish – When The Old Dun Cow Caught Fire chords

Am Some friends and I in a public house
G Am Were playing a game of chance one night
G F E When into the pub a fireman ran
F E His face all chalky white.
Am"What’s up,” says Brown, "Have you seen a ghost,
G Am Or have you seen your Aunt Mariah?"
G F E "Me Aunt Mariah be buggered!" says he,
F E "The bleedinÂ’ pubÂ’s on fire!"
Am And there was Brown, upside down
G Am LappinÂ’ up the whiskey from the floor
G F E "Booze, booze!" The firemen cried
F E As they came knockinÂ’ at the door (clap clap)
AmOh don’t let ‘em in till it’s all drunk up
G Am And somebody shouted Maclntyre! MACINTYRE!
G F E And we all got blue-blind paralytic drunk
F E AmWhen the Old Dun Cow caught fire.
Am "Fire," says Brown, "What a bit of luck.
G Am Everybody follow me
G F E WeÂ’ll go down to the cellar, if the fireÂ’s not there
F E Then weÂ’ll have a grand old spree."
AmSo we went on down after good old Brown
G Am For booze we could not miss
G F E And we hadnÂ’t been there five minutes before
F EWe were all quite pissed.
(Repeat Chorus)
Am Then, Smith walked over to the port wine tub
G Am And gave it just a few hard knocks (clap clap)
G F E He started takinÂ’ off his pantaloons
F E Likewise his shoes and socks
Am"Hold on, "says Brown, "that ainÂ’t allowed
G Am Ye canna do that in here
G F E DonÂ’t go washinÂ’ trotters in the port wine tub
F EWhen we got some low carb beer.
(Repeat Chorus)
Am And then there came to the old back door
G Am The Vicar of our local church
G F E And when he had seen our drunken ways
F E He began to scream and curse
Am"You drunken sods, you heathen clods
G Am YouÂ’ve taken to a drunken spree!
G F E And you drank up all that Benedictine Brandy
F EAnd you didnÂ’t save a drop for me!"
(Repeat Chorus)
AmAnd then there came a mighty crash
G Am Half the bloody roof gave way
G F E We were almost drowned in the firemenÂ’s hose
F E But we were gonna stay
AmSo we got some tacks and some old wet sacks
G Am And we nailed ourselves inside
G F E And we sat there drinkinÂ’ the finest rum
F E‘Till we was bleary-eyed
(Repeat Chorus)
Am Later that night when the fire was out
G Am We came up from the cellar below
G F E Our pub was burned, our booze was drunk
F E And our heads were a-hanginÂ’ low
Am"Oh look,” says Brown, with a look quite queer
G Am It seemed something caught his ire
G F E "WeÂ’ve gotta get down to MurphyÂ’s pub
F EIt closes on the hour!"
(Repeat Chorus)
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