Light Up Or Leave Me Alone tab with lyrics by Traffic - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Traffic – Light Up Or Leave Me Alone tab

This is 100% ripped off from Jonathan Healey's tab of Phish's cover
( that I have modified to 
Traffic's original studio version from Low Spark.
Thanks Jonathan!

E           D             A      E
Sometimes I feel like I'm fading away
E                 D            A          E
You're looking at me, I've got nothing to say
E             D              A              C
Don't make me angry with the games that you play
D               A           E
Either light up or leave me alone

You walk in my room, you lie in my bed
You open your mouth, shoot someone dead
All of a sudden you're inside my head
Either light up or leave me alone

[1] – [2] – [3]
Verse [guitar solo]
[1] – [2] – [3]

Spending my bread like it grew on a tree
You're trying to tell me 'bout the birds and the bees
The skirt that you're wearing is way past your knees
Either light up or leave me alone

You're up all night preaching your mind
Come home in the morning with your latest find
I'm gonna have to lay it to you straight on the line
Either light up…oh!…or leave me…alone

[2] E A C#m F#mE-------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|G------2------------------------------|D--2--------------4-------------------| (X3)A-----------4-------------------------|E-------------------------------------|
Outro: Jam in E Of course there are many modifications to all these licks on Low Spark and on their live On The Road. Questions, comments or childish insults are always welcome.
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