Traffic – Paper Sun tab

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                              "Paper Sun"
                   (Winwood - Capaldi - Wood - Mason)


	(tabla fill)

	sitar arr. for guitar [4X]:

D5 v v v v v v v v -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -----7-----5-----|-4-----2---------| -0---------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------|
Verse 1: G Though you think you're having good times E With the boy that you just met (paper sun) Gm Kicking sand from beach to beach D Your clothes all soaking wet G But if you look around and see E A shadow on the run (on the run) Gm D Don't be too upset because it's just a paper sun Chorus: (guitar and sitar, 2X):
Cm Bb G A v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v -----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| ---------------1-|-3-1-----------3-|-2---------------|-----------------| -------------0---|-----3---0-2-3---|-----------------|-----------------| -------0-1-3-----|-------3---------|-----------------|-----------------| -2-3-2-----------|-----------------|---------0-0---0-|-0-------0-0---0-| -----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A pa... per sun
[repeat intro] Verse 2: In the room where you've been sleeping All your clothes are thrown about Cigarettes burn window sills Your meter's all run out But then again its nothing You just split when day is done Pitching lips [?] to nowhere, hung up on the paper sun [repeat chorus] [repeat intro] Bridge: D5 [w/sitar as per intro] Standing in the cool of my room Fresh cut flowers give me sweet perfume Too much sun will burn D F G D (Too much sun will burn) Too much sun will burn D F G D (Too much sun will burn) Verse 3: When you're feeling tired and lonely You see people going home You can't make the train fare Or the sixpence for the phone And icicles you're crying From your cheek have just begun Don't be sad, good times are had Beneath the paper sun [repeat chorus] Coda [separated from "Paper Sun", titled "We're A Fade, You Missed This", and moved to last track of US LP] Asus4 A / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / Asus4 A Daylight breaks while you sleep on the sand Asus4 A A seagull is stealing the ring from your hand Asus4 A That boy who had given you so much fun Asus4 A Has left you so cold in the paper sun (continue and fade) -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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