Traffic – Sad And Deep As You chords

Each verse is followed by another progression of the chords and Fill 1.
The song is in the key of E.

STRUMMING Em G D C Ce|-------0-----------0-----------2-----------0---------0---|B|---------0-----------0-------3---3-----------1---------1-|G|---------------------------2-------------0---------0-----|D|-----2-----------0-------0-------------2---------2-------|A|---2-----------1---------------------3---------3---------|E|-0-----------2-------------------------------------------|
Fill 1: Em e|-------0--------------------0---------------|B|---------0--------------------0-------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|-----2-----2/4-4-4--------2-----2/4-4-4-----|A|---2--------------------2-------------------|E|-0--------------------0-------------------0-|
Em G D CFill 1
Em GLips that are as warm could be
D C CLips that speak too soon
Em GLips that tell a story
D C CSad and deep as you
Em GSmile that's warm as summer sun
D C CSmile that gets you through
Em GSmile that tells a story
D C CSad and deep as you
SOLO G A B A G F# E (It's easiest to do these as barre chords, but it doesn't sound quite right)
G A B A G F# E
Fill 1
Em GEyes that are the windows
D C CEyes that are the view
Em GEyes that tell a story
D C CSad and deep as you
Em GTears that are unspoken words
D C CTears that are the truth
Em GTears that tell a story
D C CSad and deep as you
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