Tragically Hip - Im A Werewolf Baby tab

I'm A Werewolf, Baby - The Tragically Hip
Main riff used throughout:
With the luxury of two guitars, play the chord that
applies to each note, as I've listed above the tab.
C# E C# B C# E C# E F# Ee---------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------------D----------2-------------------2-----2-2-4-4-2-2----A---4--4-4----4--4-4-2--4--4-4----4-4---------------E---------------------------------------------------
C# The moon goes up I start to sweat, call the doctor, call the vet C# My brain goes numb, my blood gets hot, all I need is what you got CHORUS: Riff I'm a werewolf baby, and here I come Riff I'm a werewolf baby, and here I come I lose control, I just can't stop, you look so good like a big pork chop Ripped my pants, ripped my shirt, I'm gonna eat your mother for dessert CHORUS I can smell your blood, I can hear you breathe I'm gonna eat your heart, right off your sleeve eat you cooked, eat you raw I'm gonna rip you up like a big chain saw CHORUS CHORDS: B - x24442 C# - x35553 E - x79997 F# - x91010109 Duncan
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