Tragically Hip – Gift Shop tab

Group: The Tragically Hip
Song: Gift Shop
Album: Trouble At The Henhouse

Riff I This part repeats a bunchA---5-------3---|:---0-5------3-------:|E---------------|:--------------------:|
Fill I A---0-3-----10----- Riff II
Intro: Riff I a few times. Riff I The beatiful lull, the dangerous tug we get to feel small from high up above and after a glimpse Fill I Over the top Riff I The rest of the world Fill I Becomes a gift shop. Riff I x 2 Riff II The pendulum swings for the horse like a man out over the rim is ice cream to him D5 D5 C5 A5 the beautiful lull da da da duh C5 C5 D5 G5 the dangerous tug da da da duh D5 D5 C5 A5 we get to fell small G5 but not out of place at all Some solo thing I can't get goes here. Use this scale.
13 E|-x-|---|---|-x-|B|-x-|---|---|-x-|G|-x-|---|-x-|---|D|-x-|---|-x-|---|A|-x-|---|-x-|---|E|-x-|---|---|-x-| 13
Additional lyrics: We're forced to bed but we're free to dream all us human extras, all us herded beings and after a glimpse over the top the rest of the world becomes a gift shop. I don't know what to believe. Sometimes I even forget and if its a lie, terrorists made me say it the beautiful lull, the dangerous tug we get to fell small from high up above from high up above Justin MacCallum
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