Tragically Hip – Smalltown Bringdown tab

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Date: Tue,  1 Aug 95 19:40:00 UTC
Subject: CRD: Smalltown Bringdown - HIP

"Small Town Bringdown" (2:56) - The Tragically Hip
>From the EP - THE TRAGICALLY HIP, 1987, MCA Records.

======== INTRO: x 2========e--------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------|G--7-9-9--7-9-9--7h9--7h9--12--9---7-9-9--7-9-9--7h9--7h9------|D---------------------------------------------------------9----|A--------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------|
======== VERSE: ======== Em G D Been to Reno drives an El Camino can you dig that style? Em G D Hip canteen you always make the scene you're a crazy child ========= CHORUS: ========= C D C D It's a sad thing bourbons all around G Asus2 G Asus2 to stop that feeling when you're living in a Small Town C D C D You're long and lean but things don't get you down G Asus2 You're a top ten kingpin in the borders of your hometown INTRO x 1 Em G D Can't get hip you work the jobs I've quit don't you dig that style? Em G D Won't admit you just don't give a shit cuz you're mind's gone wild CHORUS ============ INTERLUDE: ============ Dsus4 G Can't live to die -- too easy why stick around C C/G D I want my life to please me not another Small Town Home Town Bringdown INTRO x 2 (slight variation) Em G D This is it you might as well get pissed don't you dig that style? Em G D Make your trip there ain't that much to miss when your mind's gone wild CHORUS INTRO to end (slight variation) Chords used: Em - x22000 G - 320033 C - x32010 C/G - 332010 D - xx0232 Asus2 - x02200 Dsus4 - xx0233 Duncan
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