Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon chords ver. 2

The Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon
 Capo 4

A friend of mine played it this way on youtube and it sounded good. This essentially 
rips off the first version of this song tabbed by TheMuse here on UG, all I changed was the 
A chords to C chords.

G C G CI left your house this morning about a quarter after nine
G C G CCoulda been the Willie Nelson, coulda been the wine
Bm CWhen I left your house this morning
G CIt was a little after nine
Bm CIt was in Bobcaygeon I saw the constellations
G CReveal themselves one star at a time
G C G CDrove back to town this morning with working on my mind
G CI thought of maybe quitting
G CThought of leaving it behind
Bm CWent back to bed this morning
G CAnd as I'm pulling down the blind
Bm CThe sky was dull and hypothetical
G CAnd falling one cloud at a time
Em CThat night in Toronto with its checkerboard floors
G DRiding on horseback and keeping order restored
EmTil the men they couldn't hang
CStepped to the mic and sang
DAnd their voices rang with that Aryan twang
G C G C ( X 2 ) I got to your house this morning just a little after nine In the middle of that riot Couldn't get you off my mind So I'm at your house this morning Just a little after nine Cause it was in Bobcaygeon where I saw the constellations Reveal themselves one star at a time.
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