Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon tab

Title:      Bobcaygeon
Artist:     The Tragically Hip
Album:      Phantom Power
Tabbed by:  Chris Dickson

Tuning: Open G (low to high) D G D G B D

All the tabs out there for this song have the correct chord progression, however none of
are in the tuning that the song is actually played in.  I learned this from a friend
had the sheet music and this is my interpretation of it.   There's much more to it than 
have here, but this is the idea.  Please, feel free to add to this.

Chords Used:

d--0----0---0---0-------4----|b--3----3---0---1---0---3----|G--4----0---0---0---0---2----|D--4----5---0---2---2---0----|G--4----5---0---2---4--------|D-------------------2--------| Bm C G Am Em D
For the Em, I play the bass note with my thumb. If you can't play with your thumb, the low D up to G to play it like this:
Verse: G Am Chorus: Bm C G Am Bridge: Em C G D Em C D D Outro: Same as verse, but end on Em
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