Train – Free tab

Another fairly simple song to strum.  Very Similar to KWS's "Blue on Black."
Unfortunately, it's not nearly so easy to sing.

Song is almost entirely a D-C-G progression, 2 measures of the D, 1 on the others.

2 bars D-C-G intro

(D) Staring at the dark again you (C) left you silho(G)uette upon my (D) pillow (D)(C)(G) (D)
(D) Right inside the night I'm waiting (C) for the light seems (G) like I'm in the (D) middle (D)(C)(G)(D)

2 bar break

(D) Searching for some thing that I can't (C) touch or sometimes (G) can't even believe (D)in (D)(C)(G)(D)
(D) Cradled by the hands of fate the (C) faith that sometimes (G) wraps around too (D) tight (D)so tight(C)(G)

They call me (D)free(C)eee, but (G) I call me a (D) fool (D)(C)(G) (repeat)

2 bar break, same rhythm and chords:

Now I look back at April, but she won't look back at me, oh no no
So I pray in May for June to stay, but she just came to wash into the sea, away


2 bar break.
On this next part, the rhythm changes slightly, slowing down with no instrumental measures between lyrics.

(D)Slipped down to Mexico (C) started messin' with her (G) yellow afro
(D)Slipped down between the sheets (C) started talking 'bout (G) Pistol Pete
(D)Slipped down to the African (C) started talking 'bout (G) what she can do
(D)And here we are again (C) back where we (G) started
(D)Slipped down to Mexico (C) you left your (G) silhouette on my (D) pillow (D) yeah, yeah (C)(G)
Now I'm (D) right inside the night I'm waiting (C) for the light seems (G) I'm in the
(D)seems like I'm (C) always in the (G) middle (D)

They call me freeeeeeeeee
but I call me a ..... (end on D)

that's it, how're ya vocal chords?
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