Trampled By Turtles – Bloodshot Eyes chords

Artist: Trampled By Turtles
Song: Blood Shot Eyes Guitar
Type of Tab: Chords
Tuning: Standard
Capo: Second Fret

G, C, Am, C
G, C, Am, C
G, C, Am, C
G, C, Am, C, G

G CIt's empty where you were
GJust a big gaping hole
Cnow I tried every bottle
Gevery pill that I know
Dbut time baby time
Amworks better than wine
Gand bloodshot eyes
C, Am, C G, C, Am C, G
G CI went to the mountains
GI thought it might help
CI wrote some songs
GBut they were shitty as hell
DOnly works when i'm broken
AmFour inches from dying
GAnd at my best
C, Am, C G, C, Am, C, G (violin break) G, C, G, C G, D, Am, G C, Am, C G, C, Am, C, G
G CIf you know what I know
GAnd I think that you do
CYou head to the country
GFor a minute or two
DAnd lie on the earth
AmAnd for better or worse
GLet it swallow you hole
C, Am, C G, C, Am, C G, C, Am, C G, C, Am, C, G, END (this is a good song im surprised no one has tabbed this out sooner. I dont normally do tabs but this is the most common format iv seen. I hope it works for you.)
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