Trampled By Turtles – Keys To Paradise chords

"Keys to Paradise"
Standard Tuning
Capo 3rd Fret
All chords relative to Capo

*I'll just mention I am quite certain that I have the correct chords to this song. This
is my first tab, but I fell in love with song so much I had to let others play it and
enjoy it like I have. Also, it was hard to transfer it from Word to UG, but I don't 
think I messed up any. Well, hope you enjoy this fantastic song and band.

Chord Guide:
(D): x00232
(G): 320033
(Bm): x24432
(F#): 244222
(Cadd9): x32030

Intro (D)

Verse I

It’s the secret of the winners
(G) (D)That’s why I never got it
(Bm)I come to find the savior,
(G)In your eyes
Verse II
(D)All my frozen winters
(G) (D)Face to blame for the garden
(Bm)At least I couldn't say
(G)that I tried
Chorus I
(F#) (G) (D)Fall apart at the softest setback of darkness
(F#) (G)Dampened towers cry above to the highest
(D) (Cadd9) (G)liar’s loving heart
Filler I -Follow the chord progression of the first two verses ***From here on out, the chord progressions of Verses III and IV, as well as V and VI match that of Verse I and II. The same goes for Chorus II and III, both match Chorus I. Verse III All my partial poems come as painless filler I may never be as strong as you like Verse IV But the way you look at me such a silent killer Hold me close and tell me I’m alright Chorus II Up all night just thinking of the ways to remain here Mourn the silences that one time held the keys to paradise Filler II -Follow the same chord progression of the chorus Verse V I come running down from heights that I remember Those were times that I treasured like a child Verse VI Pick this body up because I know I’m better And I fell upon the ground with a sigh Chorus III Little bandages add up to a coffin baby But I get hopeful every time I see you crack a little smile Filler III -Combine the chord progressions of the first two verses with the first chorus, and end on D.
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