A Living Diary chords with lyrics by Transit - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Transit – A Living Diary chords

Intro: Bb--G#-Gm- x2

Verse 1:
Bb We're only talking
G#cause you lost
someone close
Gm Bbto you Without
this entry you'd
G# Gmfeel incomplete
Bb Come treat me like
Gm Eba living diary and
just turn the
Bb Gm Ebpage and walk away
Chorus 1:
Fand it's true
that I can feel
Gmthis season in
Ebmy bones as New
FEngland fills
Gm Ebwith snow
Verse 2:
F I find it hard to
Gmbelieve through
Eb that every bits
Funique that maybe
Gmthere is someone
Ebwho’s just like
Fme Someone who
Gm Eb Ffeels just like me
GmSomeone who feels
Ebjust like me
Chorus 2:
Bb Gm Incomplete
Eb BbIncomplete
Someone who
Gm Ebfeels just
like me Bridge:
Bb Come by and ask
Gmme how I'm holding
Eb Bbup My good intentions
Gm Ebwere never good enough
BbI was empty before
I met you and I'll
Gm Ebbe there soon enough
Bbagain I'll save your
place don't walk
Gm Ebaway I can't erase
Gm Eb(hold)anything about you
Chorus 3:
F Eb For all the things
Gm Ebwe fake you're words
F Ebthey seem so real
GmSo real that they
Ebcould take all the
Fhope left in my
Eb Gmlife and leave
Eb Fmy insides blank
Gm Eb So close
Gm Ebme or up or
Gmturn the page
So close me
Ebup or turn
Fthe page
EbDon't bury
me away
Gm So close
Ebme or up or
Fturn the page
So close me
Ebup or turn
Gm Eb Fthe page
Eb(hold)Don't bury
me away
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