Transplants – Sad But True tab


"Sad But True"
When the fog comes through the golden gate
        C#                  D#      
and the moon shines on the bay
and everything has changed
now that you have gone away
things are getting darker
and its harder for me to see
and now you're an angel
looking over me

[Chorus: x2]
Back up, back up, let's fucking go!
C#                 D#  
Beat up, keyed up, that's rock'n'roll

sad but true but the list is too long
if i had to name you all it wouldnt be fit in this song
this magnums got me thinkin and its making me pissed
your lives were taken to early and you will always be missed
all the mothers who cry and the fathers who mourn
for every lifes that taken theres another child born
that doesn't make it better and it doesn't make it right
I'm just thankful everyday that you came in my life


In a dream you take a trip
down Shattuck to Durant
up the hill, to the steps, Sproul Plaza and Telegraph
you pass Channing you pass Derby
you go to Ashby down to Adeleine
take mlk to fifty-fourth and go down
to Genoa yeah and follow the bart tracks
to Harmon street ahhh Harmon street
Harmon street Harmon street
yeah it's reoccurring it's like a dream
I live a thousand times yeah
and it's always like the very first time

as time goes on I can never forget
all the times we had memories i protect
seems like yesterday when i last saw your face
you're no longer here and no one can replace
all the times we had wish they could happen again
I'll hold you in my heart in my heart to the end
if I could make a change it'd be me not you
so hard to sit and cope, so sad but true

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