Trashcan Sinatras – Drunken Chorus tab

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From: David G Gels 

The Trash Can Sinatras
Drunken Chorus
Intro - G    D    Am     C     D    G     Am     C      D (let ring...)

G		 Am		C	              D
I'm looking on the bright side, but I still don't see the light
G		 Am		C	     D
Why are friends so hard to find on Wednesday night?
G			   Am	            C		      D
I got a ten pound note in my pocket, that'll never find its way back home.
G  		           C	             G
And you thought I'd be lonely when you'd gone.
G	          Am	 C		D
Discipline is a shelter, the punishment's my home
G	Am			C	D
Built on sticks and stones and now brittle bones
G	Am		   C		D
I'm just a slip of a thing and now I'm on the slide
G		C	        G		C-D-Am
And I get so confused on my own
	Am	C	G
	Barmaids beware
	Am	       C			    G	    D
	Sweet-stout style and whiskey-drunk flair

G		Bm		C		D
I'm drinking the wishing well dry, and collecting the coins
G		C		D
And my cup's brimming over with bliss
G		Bm		C		Am
Seems that when my throat gets dry my words get wry
G		C	D		      G
And I raise my glass like a fist, and every sip's a kiss

You used to say my secrets were safe, and that I had no need to lock them
But I could kick myself to death for leaving you the key, and now I know
what security means to me
Hard to get a hold of what it means to me
And it's hard to get out of the gutter when it's raining feet and every
helping hand's a fist


SOLO (I know it starts on Am, I think it's:: Am  C  G,  Am  C  G  D,  C
G    C   G    C  Am   C  D.....)

		    G		G*
But hey where will I go, and now that you have gone........

Ending: G - Bm - G

G* - For the end, I switch back and forth on a barred G from regular to
335533, which sounds great.

There it is.  The intro is wrong, I just put what I like to play.  Really
fun to play around with a slide on
this, and two people make it even more fun.  I usually play the chords
barred during the chrous; it leaves
the refrain twangy, and keeps the chorus full.  Any probelms?

	Peace, music, etc.				--==Dave Gels
"You don't want to die, but the living gets you down."
				-Matthew Sweet
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