Trashcan Sinatras – Orange Fell tab

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From!gels Thu Apr 20 10:08:02 1995
Subject: trashcan_sinatras/orange_fell.crd

	Here's my interpretation of Orange Fell off of I've seen
everything.  It may be wrong, but I think it's fairly close; at least
it'll point you in the right direction (I hope)....enjoy.

Orange Fell
D	E*	    D		  E*
Drifting, drifting, stickleback waters
D	E*	    D		  E*
(shouldn't let go) I know but I swear. I heard the Jordan..
G		G   G   G    D   E*
...aires.	All our love was made
   G	  G    G    D  E*       G       G   D	 E*		   D
on sheets we'd left unmade.  As street lamp-post light haze orange fell.

D. . . . . . . . .G	G	G	  D	G
When moments just take you, an instinct betrays you
G. . . . . . . . .D	E*	D	E*
I think I fell in love.

(*same pattern*)
Kindle, kindle.  Beachcombers found no kindle, kindle.
Pull against the tide and you pull against the gradient,
Woven with era we belong to the ages.
All our plans were made on streets the winter paved
As streetlamp lucozade orange fell.
When someone mistakes you, I fell for all the same old things
I think I fell in love.
Here pin and needle rain fell and cut to the quick;
I think I had enough.

E* - 03020x  (I don't know the name of this chord)

	Could be wrong but hey, I don't think so.  These are just the
main chords; the beautiful picking notes come from just playing with the
chords.  Fun one to sing......

					Dave gels
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