Trashcan Sinatras – Earlies tab

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From: David G Gels 
Subject: trashcan_sinatras/earlies.crd

This one's pretty easy, so everybody probably already knows it.  As far as
I can tell, it's just an E to F#m for the whole song.  The bridge is just
a funky way of strumming it.....if anybody has any improvements, tell me.

E			 F#m
Cakebrick road in summer 1981
we shared a house and garden.
At the height of all the bombing, on the run in busy, hazy London.
Through tshirt breezes walking home from work- County Kilburn sun.
Weekends we'd just wash away the dirt of busy hazy London.
F#m-   -- -  - -- -- --- -  ---- - E
The night grew cold, the thames is old

La da da da.....

Found that manners count for nothing and it took a Welshman in his forties.
Guinness elbows rest upon a tabletop, the two of us are earlies.
Three feet of snow fell on the Walnut road; two feet trudged.
ROund the corner came the sound of bad dreams
The flame is old, the thames is cold.

Cakebrick road in summer 1981, we left a house and garden
On the corner boys, best of friends.

The extra guitar and especially bass parts help give it a good sound, as
well as somebody banging on a snare drum.

							Dave G. Gels
"Fantasy is the art of not being picky."		Aviation
		-Armistad Maupin			UND
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