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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 17:19:42 +0100
From: (Gunnar O. Haereid)

The TrashCanSinatras: Easy Read

       G        C           D    G         Am  Em   Am   Em   Am   Em
 Sometimes at night he'll phone me - he's lonely
      G        C         D     G       Am   Em  D    G
 He think he's wrong when he's right - I'm glad he's back

 G     C       D                  G            C              D     C
   I stood outside, I never went in well, he wouldn't let me by
   G C D             G          C D
 And I knew I had to get in there.  Then I had this idea -
   F                           G     F       G
 'Got to get the keys from my good friend'
  A   D         E
 I blew out smoke
             A            D                  E
 And in the haze I saw to my surprise (It made me cry)
             A       D      E
 That it's harder not to drown
                     A           D         E         A
 When the biggest trade on this earth is lost and found

 F#m    C#m    D       E       F#m  C#m   D       E
 Disco dancing in the morning, easy read sitting yawning
  D      C#m        Bm     A    D    E    A    D    E
 Nobody wants you here at all
            F#            B
 When it's time, you can say -
               C                       D     C     D
 'Hey there's more than one place to stay'

  F#m       C#m    D       E       F#m   C#m    D      E
 Let's go dancing in the morning, easy read - coffin yawning
  F#m       C#m      D         E
 Over the moon and under the influence
 F#m         C#m       D       E
 Here's what he said 'Take me away'
 D             C#m        Bm
 Really don't want to be here
      D       C#m      Bm      A
 And nobody wants you here at all

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Gunnar O. Haereid               "Call, collect and gather me,
                                 take me intravenously."                     The TrashCanSinatras
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